Rapid Manufacturing for Maintenance Repair and Overhaul

Verisurf Measurement Software and 3D Printing Makes it Possible

Roc-Air of Pomona, California combines innovative thinking with Verisurf Measurement Software and 3D printing/additive rapid manufacturing to increase customer value, shorten development time and quite often, improve form; fit and function of failed or worn legacy aircraft components during Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO).

Roc-Aire (Rockets and Aircraft)

Innovation has been at the heart of Roc-Air’s culture from the very beginning.  As the name of the Company implies, Rockets and Aircraft, Roc-Air was founded in 1958 during the beginning of the space race and development of supersonic aircraft, like the Lockheed SR-71.  One of the Company’s early milestones was to develop a process for machining titanium.  Today, as in the early years, Roc-Air stands out as a ‘can do’ contract manufacturer known for solving problems and overcoming obstacles.  “Some people make excuses; we make parts,” said Jason Collins, General Manager.  “It’s not just about cost with our customers, it’s about value.  We strategize with them on engineering, materials and processes to make sure the parts we are producing are as good if not better than the original.”

Reverse Engineering and 3D Printing – Practical Solution